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Dr. A.R. Tarkhedkar – Expert on Edifice Science

Dr. A.R. Tarkhedkar is a Doctor of Science. He has a habit of examining things closely and carefully. He began his career as an acadamic professor 30 years back. Besides teaching Academics, he also has deep interest in spiritual science and is intensely engrossed into meditation. He believes meditation improves concentration, brings internal peace and gives power to overcome stress. With years of Academic experience, his interest and knowledge into spiritual science grew.


In the year 1988, he decided to move from his rented apartment and purchased his own house. After shifting to the new house, he started facing few problems, one problem after the other started to arise despite every possible measure he took. After turning to lot of ways and solutions which didn’t work in his favour he then turned his attention to something in which he believed a lot; the study of stars, their affects, as well as astrology. Hence, he met & consulted many astrologers and others in this field of Science. Different measures were suggested by them; In-spite of all the efforts, nothing got better. He even had knowledge of numerology, face reading, palm reading and science of colours. But he still couldn’t figure out what is leading to all the mishaps.

One day, while he was evaluating his journey so far, he realised that while he was living in the rented home he never faced any issue, but since the time he shifted to his own house, problems have started arising. According to his study so far, he started comparing the designs of his home E.g. – Direction of the door, position of water storage, surroundings, etc. He later came across an expert in Edifice Science who was able to help him and calm his restlessness. There were many changes suggested as per the Edifice Science, which he decided to get done immediately. He faced many challenges and obstacles while getting the changes done. But he made it happen through every trouble that kept coming his way and within twenty-one days he could see the positive results in his family and also professional life. That’s when he decided to choose Vastushastra as his career.


Dr. A.R. Tarkhedkar, started telling people the magical effects of Vastu shastra. He kept gaining knowledge on the same, while helping his friends and relatives and the same time. He started collecting all the possible knowledge by resorting to various texts. He later decided to devote his knowledge to reach others and help them i.e. the common man. After a while he started getting called by cities around, sometimes from different states and countries as well. Majority of the issues were resolved by giving his expert solutions which started giving immediate results to people.

In the year 1995, he was happy to publish his first book – Law of nature and our building structure – Volume 1.

This book contained how Edifice Science – Vastu shastra works if followed thoroughly and how important it is to follow Vastu shastra. He was invited to different cities for his lectures and also to share his experiences in Vastu shastra, not just lectures but also interacting sessions, wherein people asked him solutions to their problems and he guided them. He was also invited at different places to examine the structure and issues faced at – schools, hospitals, shops, offices, factory, houses & business/corporate offices.

Dr. A.R. Tarkhedkar’s skills and willingness towards Vastushastra made him a renowned Vastu expert with number of National & International awards and recognitions. He was called across countries for Vaastu solutions because of his helpful Vastu remedies. People from other countries also travelled to India to study Vedic Vaastu and Vaastu Vidya from him. He still continues to keep up his good deeds and continues to help people.

His Work

Dr. A.R. Tarkhedkar is a renowned, veteran and a respected expert in the field of Vedic Vastu. His advice has benefitted thousands of followers both in India and abroad. He has a unique approach in the sense that his consultation creates value and is exemplary. He has been contributing in this field since 1991. His word is undoubtedly the final, when it comes to analysis of a Vastu. He has a wide experience on advising for new structures as well as refurbished properties, with variety of sectors like commercial, residential, industrial, religious, etc.

His immense experience has resulted in writing a few interesting tomes: Vastushastra I, II and III, Vastusutra and Numerology, published since 1995 by Cosmo Publishing house. The popularity of the books resulted in translation in four regional languages. Another feather in his cap is getting a Doctorate by The Open International University. His enlightened services have fetched him number of awards, but his reward is the success stories of his clients. He has graced his presence at numerous seminars, workshops, T.V. interviews, and live Q & A sessions, both national and international. Be assured, when you are consulting Dr. Tarkhedkar, you are being advised by a pioneer.




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