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Solve personal problems through Vastushastra

Vaastushastra is based on the concept of space and other parameters. The frequency of vibration of this subtle energy, based on a particular rhythm or time measure, causes the birth and development of all objects of nature. A proper Vaastu consultation is essential for each and every individual, whether he/she believes or not, so that its vibrations are numerically equal to the vibrations of the occupants of the residence or business place which is determined by their stars.

Every living being in this world aspires for a place in which he can live comfortably, enjoying all the luxuries and happiness of this world, getting maximum benefits of heavenly boons. Everyone is aspirant of having sound health, beautiful spouse, healthy children, wealth, and means of earning through business, profession, and high reputation in society and over all mental and spiritual peace.

Complaiance of vastushastra mainly depends upon the direction, corners, planets and lords of the house. Our team provides you a proper Vastu consultation to fix all your personal, sex and health related problems.

Family disputes

Health Problems

Fatal Losses

Sexual problems

Legal problems

Delay in marriage


Relationship problems

Lack of self confidence

Stress management

Problems in Married Life

Fund Management

These problems exist in life for almost everyone. The area of problem might differ from person to person. Dr A.R. Tarkhedar specializes in Vastu services, using Vedic Vastu, Astro Vastu, Lacher Antenna, Astrology, Numerology and much more. Every vastu is unique and it’s solution is unique as well. The auspicious direction for every person is different as per his karma (work, job, profession). One has to choose his right direction to achieve success. Unlike any other science Vastushastra can’t be generalised; its solutions are specific to every person, they are according to their business, family background and many more things. The remedial solutions are not common even for same layout, they differ person to person. Vastushastra has a power to change our future by giving new opportunities in our life. It is a science of miracles!


Lot of people are not comfortable sharing their problems especially personal ones. However Dr A.R. Tarkhedkar is a Vastu guru who will look at your problems and will try to use positive vastu to provide vastu remedies. He will approach a problem depending on the nature of the problem, sometimes it will be solved through personal meetings and sometimes it will be a proper Vastu Workshop related to your problems. Traditional Vastu has grown by leaps and bounds and has become vastu science.

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Dr A.R.Tarkhedkar has specialised in providing vastu solutions depending on the nature of the problem or situation.


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