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Our Services are designed in such a way which will create convenience for the people who are seeking vastu solutions.

Site Visit

This visit at the site will aid us in understanding daily procedures and work challenges, leading to proper placement of objects without disrupting the daily flow of work/home.It shall also consist of a tentative sketch/plan of the mutually agreed solutions. This is the most comprehensive approach towards gaining a completely Vastu compliant structure/place.


The most effective way is to plan a new construction as per Vastu specifications from start. Dr. Tarkhedkar will assist in planning new constructions as per your needs and as per Vastu guidelines.

Correction in existing property

Sometimes, there is an existing property that is not designed as per Vastu Specifications, which leads to poor functioning, low productivity, less cash flow ,many other issues & undesirable results. Existing structures with required & yield positive results. corrections and planning can make structures Vastu Compliant.

Selection of right property

Decision making in terms of a new property, is of utmost importance. Keeping future plans and progress in perspective; it is very important to purchase a property that can be designed as per Vastu specifications.Also suits for the maximum vastu complaint layout for interior.

Telephonic Discussion

A verbal communication service, that can help in having a in depth conversation to understand problems properly and solutions can also be explained very well. The best alternative when distance is a barrier.

Online Guidance

This is a special service for people who are either very busy or find online communication as an effective medium for consulting on Vastu specifications & Vastu Guidelines.

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Dr A.R.Tarkhedkar has specialised in providing vastu solutions depending on the nature of the problem or situation.


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