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What is Vastu Shastra ?

Universe is made up of collection of elements and every element works on energy, similarly with human beings. Humans are an important element of universe and nature; hence the events in nature are knowingly or unknowingly affecting man’s life. Environment is made up of positive and negative energies. Positive energy is good thoughts and negative energy is bad thoughts. These energies have a major impact on us, for E.g. If we visit a hospital, we get a feeling of misery which leads to restlessness. This is because of the negative energies present in that environment. At the same time, if we go to a temple, we experience peace and happiness.Vastu Shastra is a science of laws of nature and their effects on human beings and their habitat. It was created for wellbeing of all persons and animals who resides in it.

Vastushastra is a safeguarding science, which protects us from misfortune. A life in a structure fully constructed as per the laws of Vastushastra is always full of good luck and abundance of Happiness, knowledge and all round prosperity.

Vastu means a place of residing like a house, office, corporate, garage, godown etc. The Principles of Vastushastra contributes to create harmony in the environment. It is termed as an ancient mystic science used for designing and building. It helps us to be secure from sinful happenings and supports things to be in control.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is considered as a bridge between man and nature and it is based on infinite powers of the basic five elements:

  • Earth

  • Water

  • Sky

  • Fire

  • Air

Placements of the elements play an important role, if fire is been placed at water’s direction or any element is not placed at its direction it may lead to reverse and bad effect. It affects the peace and harmony, financial flow, brings health issues etc. Thus, it is significant to follow vastu shastra to help us eliminate from such unwanted event.

Vastu Shastra or Vedic Vastu is not a superstition or pseudoscience. It is rather a smart set of principles put together by our ancestors to bring benefits into our lives and environment.

It is not appropriate to judge this pure Vedic science with so called remedial solutions based on use of pyramids, yantras, stones, colour stripes and other inapplicable gadgets. Vedic Vastu does not give recognition for such tools to rectify the incorrect Vastu. Trust in pure Vedic Vastushastra and its results too!

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