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Solve professional problems through Vastushastra

Career is arguably one of the most important things in anybody’s life. Career is what all of us – eventually – try to build all the years while attending school, college and enrolling for higher studies.

There are numerous cases – and we are sure that you may have observed some of them yourself – in which a colleague or an acquaintance – who wasn’t academically as awesome as his fellows – leads a richer, more successful, happier and abundant life.

Also, on the other hand you’ll probably – and with a very good chance – find people whom you thought will lead a very good, rich and happy life, but you were shocked to hear from a “trusted source” of yours that it’s actually not the case. In fact he/she is in misery, debt, problems and is leading a very unhappy and depressed life. Now, sit back, relax and think for a moment about the reason(s) that may have changed the life of both types of people that have been mentioned above. Try to understand the reason due to which “a 100% bound to be loser” became a successful person and “the one who was born to be a winner” ends up being a complete failure. We at Vastu Vishva find the 'reason' behind such problems. At times wrong Vastu is the major factor behind one's failure. Our approach and Vastu techniques help you see a positive change in just a couple of days.

Education problems

Career problems

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These problems are related to education, career, business, money etc. These problems if not solved for a long time can affect personal life and can even lead to depression amongst adults. Professional failure can also lead to a feeling of lack of satisfaction. Solutions are provided by Dr. A.R. Tarkhedkar, considering modern utility, architecture & laws of Vastushastra.

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Dr A.R.Tarkhedkar has specialised in providing vastu solutions depending on the nature of the problem or situation.


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